Pop-Up Shop Recap: Individualized Style

With so much to choose from in our current selection, along with hosting Pink Banoo's current line (@pinkbanoo), clients were looking for and buying a variety of styles.  Pieces purchased varied from long and flowy suits to capes, tulip pants, saris and kurtis. 

Eid, along with other holidays, is generally the time that fashionistas like yourself take note of what's trending, which generally helps guide you in what you may (or may not) want to wear.  Regardless of what is trending out there in South Asian fashion, every individual is unique and has their own style, making all our pieces both fashionable and eco-friendly.  How's that for a win-win?   

Since style is so personal, I feel that our upcoming SS17 release has something for everyone.  We will be launching five unique styles.  Each look is meant to inspire clients and readers to try looks they have not yet added to their wardrobe.  Each look is also meant to be a staple for your closet.  I have always personally believed that having a variety of pieces is essential to any wardrobe, and the SS17 collection is meant to illustrate just that! 

Special thanks to the sisters at Cak3d Makeup and Husna from HCakes :) We partner with local business owners to try to make our events an interactive experience.  The event was a huge hit!