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Being a full time student is not easy, but Afshan from @LifeisforLiving recently caught up with us about her Thanksgiving plans!  Hope you enjoy the Q&A below :) Xoxo, Asra

With Thanksgiving around the corner, what are you planning to wear to holiday events? Western or Desi? Comfy or dress up? 

Thanksgiving is definitely one of my comfy holidays. My family is actually super into Thanksgiving so I'll have to dress the part-- I have a few sweater/wool kurtas from Biba India that I'll probably be dipping into for choices. So I think my outfit will be a mix of western & Desi. I've also been really into shawls recently so I may pair a nice embroidered shawl with a plain sweater. Stay tuned  :) 

  Afshan and her sister, spotted wearing Biba India

Afshan and her sister, spotted wearing Biba India

What has been your favorite fall trend so far? East and/or west?

My favorite fall trend is India's pant suits. These pant suits are mostly cotton so they're extremely impractical for Montreal (where I live) but, a girl can dream. I also really love big sweaters that expose your collarbone, but again, so impractical for Montreal winters. You'll really only ever see me in sweats in the winter, campus & the library are cold cold places.

What suggestions do you have when it comes to rewearing outfits? How do you make them look different? Any styling tips?

 Scarves!!! The key to re-wearing outfits is scarves because people in your class one week probably never noticed what was under that thick scarf of yours, so if you wear it the next week, it really shouldn't matter. I think you can also make staple western items look different by pairing them with Desi things. For example, I can wear a black sweater one day with some grey leggings, and the next day wear that sweater as a slip under a Desi, long embroidered jacket. 

  Afshan spotted pairing East and West, seen here in a Zara top, Forever 21 pants and a Khaadi dupatta

Afshan spotted pairing East and West, seen here in a Zara top, Forever 21 pants and a Khaadi dupatta

Will you be shopping on Black Friday? Anything specific you are looking to purchase? Shoes, jewelry, clothes, etc?

It's a family tradition of ours to shop on Black Friday until we are on the verge of death so I will absolutely be shopping. I think I'll be looking for some interesting pants and clothes that look cool and stylish but are still super comfy; my goal is to find stuff that helps me stay presentable in the depth of the Montreal winter. 

What does being eco chic mean to you? 

Being Eco Chic is a new concept for me. I've recently started taking a class called Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation which has really pushed me to think critically about the brands I associate myself with. Why not buy amazing things while positively impacting my world? Being eco chic to me means participating in consignment and giving away old clothes. Every year when I go to India, I bring all of my old clothes to give away. In the past few years, I've also started selling my clothes on different sites, including the lovely DC by Asra. It's a way for me to feel good about where my old clothes are going and encourages me to be more conscious of my consumer habits. 


  Afshan in Safa Couture

Afshan in Safa Couture

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