3 Tips For Cleansing Your Desi Wardrobe

Sometimes, all it takes is a good cleanse to recharge your perspective and refresh your wardrobe. With Desi wear, this can be especially challenging given the hours of work and hundreds of dollars that go into our prized formal wear.

In the spirit of Ramadan, we’re breaking down a few things you can do to cleanse your Desi wardrobe in preparation for Eid and wedding season.

  Brand new Firdous Lawn Suit

Brand new Firdous Lawn Suit

Find Classic Pieces

"Learn to invest in the best quality you can afford and wear pieces in different ways." - Michael Kors

Whether we’re talking your trendiest western pieces or your favorite embellished Indian kurtis, it’s important to remember that classic pieces are the ones worth keeping.

More is certainly not more when it comes to cultivating a chic capsule of Desi clothing. For women with designer taste, this is especially key to making sure you maintain a sense of control over your wardrobe and your wallet.

By eliminating the overly trendy pieces and focusing on traditional cuts and styles, you can re-wear and give your looks a twist by simply switching out jewelry, experimenting with makeup and hair, or even glamorizing with a killer pair of heels.


Keep the Most Versatile Picks

Finding versatility when it comes to Desi clothing is no simple task. Take it upon yourself to find all your Desi wear and comb through each and every piece to see how much you can wear it.

Look for the best quality fabric, neutral colors and flattering cuts to determine what you find most versatile. Once this is decided, use your versatile pieces as a basis for mixing and matching newer pieces as seasons come and go. Remember— cleansing is not about elimination, but moderation.


Donate and Sell

If you’re tired of your formal desi wear and ready for a change, make sure you put your pieces in the right hand. Donating clothes, both eastern and western, at this time of year is a great idea and gives you the opportunity to get eco chic while sharing your style with others.

Aside from donation, consignment is a route we highly recommend for designer-loving Desi fashionistas. With DCXAsra, you can list and sell your pieces with ease and ensure that you’ve given your pieces to someone who will appreciate them just as much as you.

We guarantee a seamless shopping experience with fabulous pieces from top Desi designers. Check out our latest pieces on our website or sell your most recent designer finds before Eid!