Q&A with Michelle Naik of 4InchesHIgh


With so many amazing Desi bloggers and influencers hitting the Instagram scene, we wanted to feature another fashionista who is conscious, versatile and makes her style known. We reached out to 4InchesHigh's Michelle Naik to get the scoop on what's eco chic this fall.

With fall in full swing, what's one tip you can give to help a Desi fashionista keep their looks fresh this season?

Whenever someone asks me for advice, I always tell them not to be afraid of mixing & matching pieces from different outfits. Living in a city like Houston where everyone knows everyone, it's hard to repeat outfits since everyone is invited to the same events. That's why I always like to take a kameez or blouse from one outfit, pair it with a different bottom and style it with different accessories- it'll look like a completely different outfit! 



Micelle rocks this gorgeous red lengha with a floral applique.

What are your top 3 favorite Desi fashion trends right now (casual or formal wear)? 
1. Capes- I love the royal vibe it gives, and it looks great on everyone! 

2. Peplum tops- It's such a fun silhouette and looks good as casual and formal wear. I'd totally rock a peplum top with a shawlar, trousers or even a lengha.

3. Short & long tops- I love that anything goes right now. You can wear a short or long top, and won't be out of style. I'm an advocate of women dressing however the want-despite what's trending. Zara Shahjehan's new collection was like a breath of fresh air- so many simple pieces with barely any kaam, and a mix of long and short tops. I think simplicity and elegance goes a long way, rather than having a lot of kaam on an outfit. 

Can you give us the scoop on your favorite modern Western pieces right now?
I'm so happy that athleisure is a thing right now. I love combining a pair of laid back trousers, blouse and sneakers with a coat for fall. 

One of my friends recently went to Paris and gifted me a beret- I've been obsessed ever since. I'm patiently waiting for the weather to cool down a little bit so that I can wear it more often. 

What do you think is the must-wear color this fall? Any tips on styling it?
Rust- I'm so into it right now, and I think it looks great on all shades of south asian women. I would pair it with white or gem-toned pieces. I love how the rust color pops when there's a contrast. A bold red lip would be a great way to finish the look. 



Michelle perfectly styles this look with a tikka and gold earrings.

How do you think eco-friendly clothes can play into the wardrobes of Desi fashionistas this season?
I recently went through my mom's old clothes and took out some classic pieces and dupattas from when she got married that I'm totally going to wear, with a modern twist. You'd be surprised how many amazing outfits you can come up with when you dig through your parents closets!