DIY Wedding Goals

 Sucheta and Jonathan's Wedding 

Sucheta and Jonathan's Wedding 

Although wedding season is almost over, it's never too late for some DIY inspo! Take a look at the DIY features from Sucheta and Jonathan's wedding. 

One thing that almost everyone has at their wedding is a guestbook.  Why not get creative like Sucheta and create your own guest book?  This featured guestbook is easy to make, and is super interactive with guests.  Use your favorite art supplies to create the board, then draw tree branches using paint, markers or other materials.  Set up an ink pad with your favorite colors for guests to add "leaves" along with their signatures.  Frame it as a memory for later! 

Another common theme you all have seen at weddings is a photo booth, but have you ever considered a self serve photo booth?  Set up any DSLR on a tripod, pick a cute backdrop, make or buy your own props and let the creativity flow!  

Last, but certainly not least, how many of us have thought of personalizing a wedding runner, or even knew it was possible?  Choose a few of your favorite inspirational words for your special day- a few of Sucheta's picks were joy, family and affection.  Which words would you choose?  

It is always fun to attend weddings and see how visions come together, especially from a DIY aspect.  Incorporating DIY elements into wedding themes always makes the guests notice the special, interactive touches, and of course, more fun to attend!  

What are some unique DIY elements you have seen?  Anything you would like to see but havent yet?  Xoxo, Asra