Guest Q&A With Fashion Blogger Zahra Sandberg

Month after month, one of our constant style inspirations has hands down been Zahra Sandberg of Love Zahra. With Eid on the horizon, we reached out to Zahra to get the scoop on keeping your Ramadan looks fresh, trying something new for Eid and picking eco-chic looks for your wardrobe:

Asra: With so many iftars, dinners and parties, what's one tip you can give to help a Desi fashionista keep their looks fresh?

Zahra: I agree it is tough - especially when you will probably post a few of your outfits on social media, you don't want to be wearing the same thing all the time. Rather than buying a new outfit for each event though, I like to mix and match tops and bottoms, borrow outfits from friends, or buy consigned designer goods, like from DC by Asra!

Asra: What are your top 3 favorite Desi fashion trends right now (casual or formal wear)? 

Zahra: I wish I was as up on desi trends as I used to be before kids! To be honest I don't think you have to follow trends, with Western or Desi style. At any one time long shirts or short shirts, capri pants or shalwars, can all be in style. Anything goes these days so wear whatever you like! That said, I've always loved both the long frock style for formal events, or the medium length shirt with cigarette pants for casual and semi-formal. 

Asra: Can you give us the scoop on your favorite modern Western pieces right now?

Zahra: I love where fashion is right now - Anything off-shoulder, ruffled, or wide-leg is on my list. Also currently obsessing over everything Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018.

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Asra: What do you think is the must-wear color this Eid? Any tips on styling it?

Zahra: I think white always looks amazing, especially with a great summer tan. For styling, I say bring on ALL the jewels, big earrings, or a large statement choker, for Eid - more bling is better.

Asra: How do you think eco-friendly clothes can play into the wardrobes of Desi fashionistas this season and beyond?

Zahra: I I believe caring about the environment is always something we can improve upon. Buying second hand or supporting slow fashion brands is one easy way to do so. The way I look at it is, even if you do it once in a while it is better than not at all!

Even for the biggest fashionistas, sporting eco-chic Desi wear can turn heads and save you a pretty penny. Whether you want to sell your newest formalwear or are looking for designer Eid and wedding season fits, our upcoming DCXAsra collection has gorgeous individualized look for every taste and style. 

Check back on our website later this week to find the perfect pieces for you! Xoxo, Asra