Q&A With Sruthi


For this month's Q&A, we had the pleasure of interviewing SilkandChampagne's Sruthi Jayadevan. For those who haven't had the honor of following this gem's journey, let me give you a little insight. 

Sruthi is an Indian-American woman full of many talents and aspirations! She is a blogger, stylist, model, influencer, graduate and an individualist who believes in self-love and self-reliance. She embraces her Indian heritage and incorporates it into her everyday life and style. To get to know this beautiful soul even more, keep reading! 

What's one tip you can give to help a Desi fashionista keep their looks versatile this fall?

I think creating unique looks are all about mixing and matching items. It is about using accessories and pieces in a variety of different ways. I've made halter tops and crop tops out of dupattas by simply pairing them up with a bandeau and wrapping it around me. I also love mixing and matching western and desi pieces together. I think it creates a very versatile look that speaks volumes about one's style and origin. I've worn a blouse as a crop top and paired it with jeans and booties. I've also worn crop tops as Sari blouses to create a more modern sari look. I encourage everyone to pick out your favorite pieces and mix and match them to create unique, chic looks! 



What are your top 3 favorite Desi fashion trends right now (casual or formal wear)? 

I absolutely am loving off-shoulder blouses right now! Anything off-shoulder is super classy yet sexy at the same time. Another fashion trend that I'm loving right now is incorporating unique polki naths into casual wear. Who says you can only wear a nath to a wedding? I rock my nath even if I'm dressed casually and going to the grocery store! The only rule is fashion is that there isn't rules! I think it's important that we break societal norms and create our own realities. Another trend I'm loving right now is pairing up a big red bindi and some flowers in the hair with really casual pieces! A big red bindi and flowers just scream "rani" looks and I absolutely love that!



What are your favorite Western pieces right now?

I am loving silky, satin crop tops, long flared pants, lots of neutrals, clear boots, and structured coats and blazers. 


Tell us about one or two of your closet staples.

I love a good high-waisted long pant/jean that makes me look so much taller than I am. My closet is also filled with lots of neutral colors and matching sets that I can easily mix and match. 


What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

Sustainable fashion to me is having pieces in your closet that are ethically sourced, eco-friendly, made of great materials, long-lasting and everything that isn't "fast fashion". I always try to go thrift shopping and buy second-hand pieces so that these amazing pieces aren't going to waste, but rather being taken care of and treasured by someone else. I donate a majority of my clothes, and I sell a lot of my unworn clothing on my secondary Instagram @from.mine.to.yours so other women may enjoy pieces from my wardrobe for affordable prices. 


For more on Sruthi, follow her @sruthijayadevan.