Style Crush: Malaika Arora


When we see style, we have to give credit where it’s due. This week we’re shining a spotlight on the gorgeous Malaika Arora, a long-time Bollywood staple who as of recently, has been turning even more heads for sporting stunning designer looks on the runway and red carpet. 

Malaika is already known for rocking some of the most iconic looks known to Bollywood fans everywhere. But as a day-to-day fashionista, finds ways to encapsulate Eastern beauty with a Western twist: she pushes the boundaries style by wearing formfitting statement pieces and rocking them with the utmost confidence. Talk about a style crush!

On the Runway
Designers in India have been completely taken with Malika’s on and off-screen confidence and charisma. And for this reason, Malaika is no stranger to the runway---walking down the catwalk on several occasions to showcase some of the most decadent and extravagant Desi designer looks in recent seasons. 


Malaika recently hit the Lakme Fashion Week runway for Divya Reddy, a top Indian designer who manages to mix whimsy and glamour into each and every look she designs. Malaika wore a bralette blouse paired with a pleated lengha with a matching georgette dupatta splashed with glitter. Even when rocking this look, Malaika transformed a gorgeous piece into one of the star fits of the show using her confidence, style and grace.

On the Red Carpet

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 12.18.35 AM.png

Even when Malaika styles her own looks, she takes risks and shows fans that making a statement is part of the fun of fashion. Recently, Malaika went head to head with Esha Gupta in a ball gown showdown. Malaika didn’t disappoint with a fabulous Gaurav Gupta dress that cascaded down her side and accentuated her figure and her natural sense of confidence in front of the camera.

Malaika is just one of several Desi celebs that rock both Eastern and Western fashion in the most inspirational ways. Who are your celebrity style crushes? Follow us on Instagram and let us know!