Featured Designer: Farah Talib Aziz

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Featured this week is Karachi based designer, Farah Talib Aziz. With a background in textiles,  she is highly trained in tailoring and working with embellishments, both major highlights in her craft. Her use of various textiles, prints and colors gives each of her collections a luxurious and elevated feel. 


Aziz is a very detail oriented designer, and the details can be seen throughout her luxe pret, and silk collections. Mixing textures, fabrics and prints along with modernized traditional pieces, her collections are elegant and great for all types of occasions and events. 


Her elegance and aesthetic are the best things about her collections. Make sure to take a look at her site for more pieces and check out what is trending from her collection! Have pieces from Farah Talib Aziz that you want to sell? Fill out this form to see how you can get your pieces listed! 


Q&A With Afshan of LifesforLiving

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Being a full time student is not easy, but Afshan from @LifeisforLiving recently caught up with us about her Thanksgiving plans!  Hope you enjoy the Q&A below :) Xoxo, Asra

With Thanksgiving around the corner, what are you planning to wear to holiday events? Western or Desi? Comfy or dress up? 

Thanksgiving is definitely one of my comfy holidays. My family is actually super into Thanksgiving so I'll have to dress the part-- I have a few sweater/wool kurtas from Biba India that I'll probably be dipping into for choices. So I think my outfit will be a mix of western & Desi. I've also been really into shawls recently so I may pair a nice embroidered shawl with a plain sweater. Stay tuned  :) 

  Afshan and her sister, spotted wearing Biba India

Afshan and her sister, spotted wearing Biba India

What has been your favorite fall trend so far? East and/or west?

My favorite fall trend is India's pant suits. These pant suits are mostly cotton so they're extremely impractical for Montreal (where I live) but, a girl can dream. I also really love big sweaters that expose your collarbone, but again, so impractical for Montreal winters. You'll really only ever see me in sweats in the winter, campus & the library are cold cold places.

What suggestions do you have when it comes to rewearing outfits? How do you make them look different? Any styling tips?

 Scarves!!! The key to re-wearing outfits is scarves because people in your class one week probably never noticed what was under that thick scarf of yours, so if you wear it the next week, it really shouldn't matter. I think you can also make staple western items look different by pairing them with Desi things. For example, I can wear a black sweater one day with some grey leggings, and the next day wear that sweater as a slip under a Desi, long embroidered jacket. 

  Afshan spotted pairing East and West, seen here in a Zara top, Forever 21 pants and a Khaadi dupatta

Afshan spotted pairing East and West, seen here in a Zara top, Forever 21 pants and a Khaadi dupatta

Will you be shopping on Black Friday? Anything specific you are looking to purchase? Shoes, jewelry, clothes, etc?

It's a family tradition of ours to shop on Black Friday until we are on the verge of death so I will absolutely be shopping. I think I'll be looking for some interesting pants and clothes that look cool and stylish but are still super comfy; my goal is to find stuff that helps me stay presentable in the depth of the Montreal winter. 

What does being eco chic mean to you? 

Being Eco Chic is a new concept for me. I've recently started taking a class called Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation which has really pushed me to think critically about the brands I associate myself with. Why not buy amazing things while positively impacting my world? Being eco chic to me means participating in consignment and giving away old clothes. Every year when I go to India, I bring all of my old clothes to give away. In the past few years, I've also started selling my clothes on different sites, including the lovely DC by Asra. It's a way for me to feel good about where my old clothes are going and encourages me to be more conscious of my consumer habits. 


  Afshan in Safa Couture

Afshan in Safa Couture

Shop Afshan's closet, and other fabulous pieces, on our website!  And stay tuned for our upcoming Black Friday sale- make sure to sign up for our newsletter for early access! 

Looking to be eco-chic and want to sell your designer items? Email us, message us on Facebook and/or Instagram, or fill out our easy submission form online.

Comments?  Questions?  We want to hear from you!  Contact us with any inquiries.  Xoxo, Asra

Q&A With Sruthi


For this month's Q&A, we had the pleasure of interviewing SilkandChampagne's Sruthi Jayadevan. For those who haven't had the honor of following this gem's journey, let me give you a little insight. 

Sruthi is an Indian-American woman full of many talents and aspirations! She is a blogger, stylist, model, influencer, graduate and an individualist who believes in self-love and self-reliance. She embraces her Indian heritage and incorporates it into her everyday life and style. To get to know this beautiful soul even more, keep reading! 

What's one tip you can give to help a Desi fashionista keep their looks versatile this fall?

I think creating unique looks are all about mixing and matching items. It is about using accessories and pieces in a variety of different ways. I've made halter tops and crop tops out of dupattas by simply pairing them up with a bandeau and wrapping it around me. I also love mixing and matching western and desi pieces together. I think it creates a very versatile look that speaks volumes about one's style and origin. I've worn a blouse as a crop top and paired it with jeans and booties. I've also worn crop tops as Sari blouses to create a more modern sari look. I encourage everyone to pick out your favorite pieces and mix and match them to create unique, chic looks! 



What are your top 3 favorite Desi fashion trends right now (casual or formal wear)? 

I absolutely am loving off-shoulder blouses right now! Anything off-shoulder is super classy yet sexy at the same time. Another fashion trend that I'm loving right now is incorporating unique polki naths into casual wear. Who says you can only wear a nath to a wedding? I rock my nath even if I'm dressed casually and going to the grocery store! The only rule is fashion is that there isn't rules! I think it's important that we break societal norms and create our own realities. Another trend I'm loving right now is pairing up a big red bindi and some flowers in the hair with really casual pieces! A big red bindi and flowers just scream "rani" looks and I absolutely love that!



What are your favorite Western pieces right now?

I am loving silky, satin crop tops, long flared pants, lots of neutrals, clear boots, and structured coats and blazers. 


Tell us about one or two of your closet staples.

I love a good high-waisted long pant/jean that makes me look so much taller than I am. My closet is also filled with lots of neutral colors and matching sets that I can easily mix and match. 


What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

Sustainable fashion to me is having pieces in your closet that are ethically sourced, eco-friendly, made of great materials, long-lasting and everything that isn't "fast fashion". I always try to go thrift shopping and buy second-hand pieces so that these amazing pieces aren't going to waste, but rather being taken care of and treasured by someone else. I donate a majority of my clothes, and I sell a lot of my unworn clothing on my secondary Instagram @from.mine.to.yours so other women may enjoy pieces from my wardrobe for affordable prices. 


For more on Sruthi, follow her @sruthijayadevan.   

Featured Designer: Nida Azwer

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Our featured designer this week is Nida Azwer, a Pakistani designer based out of Karachi. She has been in the Pakistani fashion scene since 2005, after graduating from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. Specializing in luxury pret, bridal and formal wear, she shows a range of talent in both her contemporary and traditional designs.

A large part of her aesthetic ties in the craftsmanship of Pakistani artisans, especially when it comes to embroidery, mostly inspired by Sindhi techniques. Those techniques can be seen on a lot of the heavier formalwear and bridal looks. 


One of her pure silk formal wear looks featuring zardozi and kamdaani work on both the shirt and pants can be seen above. Her use of high quality fabrics paired with detailed embroidery adds to the extravagance of her collections, contributing to her rise in fame in the Pakistani fashion industry. In 2008 she was awarded a Lux Style Award for Best Emerging Talent, and in 2015 she was awarded for the Best Fashion Designer Pret. She is also the CEO of the Fashion Pakistan Council which aims to cultivate a stronger community in and amongst fashion houses in Pakistan. 


Most recently she released a line of basic pret designs with a more casual look. These are perfect for year round as they can be dressed up with heels like they are in the photos above, or even dressed down for a more laid back look. Check out this Nida Azwer top that we have on the site that can also be dressed up or dressed down! 

Style Crush: Malaika Arora


When we see style, we have to give credit where it’s due. This week we’re shining a spotlight on the gorgeous Malaika Arora, a long-time Bollywood staple who as of recently, has been turning even more heads for sporting stunning designer looks on the runway and red carpet. 

Malaika is already known for rocking some of the most iconic looks known to Bollywood fans everywhere. But as a day-to-day fashionista, finds ways to encapsulate Eastern beauty with a Western twist: she pushes the boundaries style by wearing formfitting statement pieces and rocking them with the utmost confidence. Talk about a style crush!

On the Runway
Designers in India have been completely taken with Malika’s on and off-screen confidence and charisma. And for this reason, Malaika is no stranger to the runway---walking down the catwalk on several occasions to showcase some of the most decadent and extravagant Desi designer looks in recent seasons. 


Malaika recently hit the Lakme Fashion Week runway for Divya Reddy, a top Indian designer who manages to mix whimsy and glamour into each and every look she designs. Malaika wore a bralette blouse paired with a pleated lengha with a matching georgette dupatta splashed with glitter. Even when rocking this look, Malaika transformed a gorgeous piece into one of the star fits of the show using her confidence, style and grace.

On the Red Carpet

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 12.18.35 AM.png

Even when Malaika styles her own looks, she takes risks and shows fans that making a statement is part of the fun of fashion. Recently, Malaika went head to head with Esha Gupta in a ball gown showdown. Malaika didn’t disappoint with a fabulous Gaurav Gupta dress that cascaded down her side and accentuated her figure and her natural sense of confidence in front of the camera.

Malaika is just one of several Desi celebs that rock both Eastern and Western fashion in the most inspirational ways. Who are your celebrity style crushes? Follow us on Instagram and let us know!

Fashion Month SS18 Favorites


With fashion month coming to an end, there are even more gorgeous trends to consider rocking as the seasons roll forward. While Spring is still a ways away, here are our favorite trends from Europe’s top designers and shows:



Burberry Prorsum: Exaggeration
Burberry hit the scene mixing traditional iconic textures and patterns with a Winter and Spring twist--exaggerated fits stormed the runway to give the audience the best of both worlds.


Mary Katranzou: 90's Mashup
Mary Katranzou threw each and every look back with a distinct, highly color-coordinated series of sets. One thing we loved about this collection the most was the attention to detail, from rubik's cube windbreakers to quirky accessories.


Balmain: High Contrast

Always true to its roots, Balmain finds ways to bring out decadence in fashion through high contrast between rich colors. We love the difference between coral red and black net.


Versace: Flowy Coverage
Modesty is making even more of a splash in European fashion. Peeks of skin are turning these otherwise summery pieces into edgy spring looks that scream chic.



Chloe: Waistline Fit
A drop waistline immediately exudes a carless, lenient and flexible look. Drop waistlines in particular, as we see with Chloe SS 18, narrow, lengthen and align a person's look.

Givenchy: Layers & Lace
The most gorgeous looks are the ones that find balance between the edgy and the sweet. Givenchy nailed it this season in a seamless color palette and layered and frilled pieces.

It’s always exciting to see how Eastern fashion affects Western fashion and vice versa. DCXAsra is not only a consigner that carries clothing that represents the best of both worlds, but also helps you rock these looks in an affordable, conscious way. Start integrating these trends into your wardrobe by shopping our newest inventory today!

Featured Designer: Asifa & Nabeel


Asifa and Nabeel are a Pakistani design duo based out of Lahore, specializing in bridal, pret and menswear. Known for their attention to detail in embroidery and embellishment, their designs are some of the more intricate among Pakistani designers. They have risen to become some of the more well known designers in the country as of more recently. 


Their most recent Mid-Summer Unstitched Collection '17 includes a variety of beautiful and vibrant floral prints in both casual and formal silhouettes. Influenced by Kalash and Sindhi styles of embroidery and embellishment, many of those traditional and intricate techniques are integrated into their contemporary designs. 


We have a beautiful peach suit by Asifa and Nabeel up on the site for sale! Check out some of the up close detail shots of the embellishment work on the suit. It's definitely a beautiful testament to their use of color and embellishing. 


Q&A with Michelle Naik of 4InchesHIgh


With so many amazing Desi bloggers and influencers hitting the Instagram scene, we wanted to feature another fashionista who is conscious, versatile and makes her style known. We reached out to 4InchesHigh's Michelle Naik to get the scoop on what's eco chic this fall.

With fall in full swing, what's one tip you can give to help a Desi fashionista keep their looks fresh this season?

Whenever someone asks me for advice, I always tell them not to be afraid of mixing & matching pieces from different outfits. Living in a city like Houston where everyone knows everyone, it's hard to repeat outfits since everyone is invited to the same events. That's why I always like to take a kameez or blouse from one outfit, pair it with a different bottom and style it with different accessories- it'll look like a completely different outfit! 



Micelle rocks this gorgeous red lengha with a floral applique.

What are your top 3 favorite Desi fashion trends right now (casual or formal wear)? 
1. Capes- I love the royal vibe it gives, and it looks great on everyone! 

2. Peplum tops- It's such a fun silhouette and looks good as casual and formal wear. I'd totally rock a peplum top with a shawlar, trousers or even a lengha.

3. Short & long tops- I love that anything goes right now. You can wear a short or long top, and won't be out of style. I'm an advocate of women dressing however the want-despite what's trending. Zara Shahjehan's new collection was like a breath of fresh air- so many simple pieces with barely any kaam, and a mix of long and short tops. I think simplicity and elegance goes a long way, rather than having a lot of kaam on an outfit. 

Can you give us the scoop on your favorite modern Western pieces right now?
I'm so happy that athleisure is a thing right now. I love combining a pair of laid back trousers, blouse and sneakers with a coat for fall. 

One of my friends recently went to Paris and gifted me a beret- I've been obsessed ever since. I'm patiently waiting for the weather to cool down a little bit so that I can wear it more often. 

What do you think is the must-wear color this fall? Any tips on styling it?
Rust- I'm so into it right now, and I think it looks great on all shades of south asian women. I would pair it with white or gem-toned pieces. I love how the rust color pops when there's a contrast. A bold red lip would be a great way to finish the look. 



Michelle perfectly styles this look with a tikka and gold earrings.

How do you think eco-friendly clothes can play into the wardrobes of Desi fashionistas this season?
I recently went through my mom's old clothes and took out some classic pieces and dupattas from when she got married that I'm totally going to wear, with a modern twist. You'd be surprised how many amazing outfits you can come up with when you dig through your parents closets! 

F/W 2017: One Piece, Three Ways


This month, we're talking all about versatility. What better way to put the concept to the test than to style one of our very own fall/winter pieces?

Take for example, this navy velvet blouse/cape. A velvet piece is surely something that can intimidate a fashionista upon first glance, but we've dressed it up and down to give you an idea of how to maximize this piece and remix it into your fall wardrobe.

1. Everyday Casual


Perfect for brunch with the girls, a quick trip to the mall or even a daytime festivity, velvet can be made casual by keeping simplicity key. We paired the cape with a light wash pair of jeans to counterbalance the richness and depth. Over the cape, we fixed on a contrasting scarf, a day bag and some neutral booties. This look not only screams fall, but its one that you can re-wear over and over full well knowing that you just pulled off a designer piece in the most effortless way.

2. Dressy Work Look

medium copy.jpg

When it comes to your 9-5, velvet can become even more challenging. How do you dress it up without becoming too dressy? We know the trick. Soften the darkness of the cape down with pink cigarette trousers, nude heels, this Fabletics Work Bag tote and a statement necklace. Blush pink a underutilized hue we were dawned with this NYFW and it's definitely going to be the perfect color moving through the winter back into spring. 

3. Formal Fit

formal copy.jpg

Delving more into the formal look, more is more when it comes to styling for the fall and winter. This is where some smart pairing comes into play. We've layered the velvet cape with a matching lengha to give some more dimension to the looks. Wearing these together is perfect to make a more dramatic look. Add on a few heavy long necklaces, statement earrings and your favorite party clutch. Maybe even a tikka/jhumar if you're feeling extra experimental! 

Like what you're seeing in this blog? Great news, we will be listing this versatile velvet top and giving the piece away on social media. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to find out how you can get to styling this top in your wardrobe just in time for the fall!

3 Ways to Transition Your Desi Wear into Fall


It’s officially September and that means a change in season is in the air! With fall quickly approaching, we wanted to lay out some quick and simple tips to keep in mind when styling your next eco-chic Desi look.



Bling it on
Desi fashionistas know that that with jewelry, more is more. Begin your transition into fall by incorporating unique bling like Hyderabadi pearls or even unique ear and headwear to dress up your looks. Pair these over simple pieces to make a statement.


Opt in Velvet
Velvet is a staple fabric for the fall. With Eastern clothing, wearing this fabric properly can be a challenge, but we suggest to use it by layering it into your existing pieces. For example, swap out a sari blouse or dupatta for simple velvet pieces to add soft and deep texture to your looks.


Go for the Gold

As we move into the holidays, mixing in shades of gold into your Desi looks will give them a richness and depth that screams fall. Whether you go all out with a gold-on-gold suit or accent gold against a jewel-toned tunic or blouse, you’ll be sure to shine.

This fall, we’ll be introducing you to plenty of ways to make your looks more transitional and versatile! If you haven’t already, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay in the know about more fall/winter pieces soon to hit the DCxAsra shop!

Featured Designer: Anita Dongre - Grassroot


Indian fashion designer Anita Dongre has risen to the top of the Indian fashion world becoming one of the most recognized fashion houses. Born in Mumbai but with heavy influences from Jaipur, she integrates Indian heritage into each of her collections and brands. Along with Anita Dongre, her primary luxury bridal and formal wear label, she launched AND - a western wear brand, Global Desi – a more youthful boho-chic line, PinkCity- a handcrafted jewelry line, and Grassroot – a sustainable luxury brand.


In launching Grassroot, Dongre provided opportunities to artisan communities throughout India, melding the traditional skills with contemporary silhouettes. “Grassroot is the marriage of a cultural heritage and a cultural revolution”, In understanding this, her sustainable model allows women artisans to not only have a platform for their work, but also to be able to take charge of their lives. With elegant designs, Grassroot uses sustainable, cruelty-free and high quality materials for contemporary collections.


Take a look at the lookbook and let us know if Grassroot has peaked your interest! We would love to know if it is a brand you would like to see on our site!

Style Crush: Sonam Kapoor


I don't know about you, but I think Sonam Kapoor's style is on fleek.  Whether you are a fan or not, it's hard to ignore the fact that she has evolved into an iconic symbol of Desi fashion.  

Sonam Kapoor started to make public appearances in 2008, initially pursuing a career in Bollywood.  Most recently, she made her debut at Paris Fashion Week, sporting a glamorous Ralph and Russo gown.


You can find her in anything from jeans to cute dresses to voluminous gowns, each look as different from the next, making her more fierce than ever.  You can find her sporting indian designers such as one of our favorites, Anita Dongre, to international designers such as Dolce and Gabbana.      

Accessories are a girl's best friend, and Sonam accessorizes her looks in the most complimentary ways.  Most recently she was seen sporting Gucci, accessorizing her outfit with a floral choker necklace.  Besides accessories, her simplistic hair styles and makeup allow us all to relate to her as the girl next door, making her even more iconic and relatable! 


Overall, Sonam Kapoor is someone to keep on your radar.  Not only has she gained popularity with national and international designers, but her charm and personality have captured the world's heart.  

One thing we LOVE about Sonam and her style is the fact that she supports various causes, such as breast cancer awareness and the LGBT community.  

Do you know of any stylish celebs or influencers who are also socially conscious like Sonam Kapoor? Leave comments below or shoot us an e-mail to let us know! 

Xo, Asra

DIY Wedding Goals

 Sucheta and Jonathan's Wedding 

Sucheta and Jonathan's Wedding 

Although wedding season is almost over, it's never too late for some DIY inspo! Take a look at the DIY features from Sucheta and Jonathan's wedding. 

One thing that almost everyone has at their wedding is a guestbook.  Why not get creative like Sucheta and create your own guest book?  This featured guestbook is easy to make, and is super interactive with guests.  Use your favorite art supplies to create the board, then draw tree branches using paint, markers or other materials.  Set up an ink pad with your favorite colors for guests to add "leaves" along with their signatures.  Frame it as a memory for later! 

Another common theme you all have seen at weddings is a photo booth, but have you ever considered a self serve photo booth?  Set up any DSLR on a tripod, pick a cute backdrop, make or buy your own props and let the creativity flow!  

Last, but certainly not least, how many of us have thought of personalizing a wedding runner, or even knew it was possible?  Choose a few of your favorite inspirational words for your special day- a few of Sucheta's picks were joy, family and affection.  Which words would you choose?  

It is always fun to attend weddings and see how visions come together, especially from a DIY aspect.  Incorporating DIY elements into wedding themes always makes the guests notice the special, interactive touches, and of course, more fun to attend!  

What are some unique DIY elements you have seen?  Anything you would like to see but havent yet?  Xoxo, Asra  

The Most Coveted Designer Collections of India Couture Week 2017

As wedding season kicks into full gear, we can’t help but look to top designers for inspiration on how to style unique and chic looks for upcoming functions and weddings. At this year’s India Couture Week 2017, we saw some of the most intricate and ornate looks take center stage on the runway.

Tharun Tahiliani: A Couture Fairytale

Ensemble designer Tarun Tahliani is known for his feminine lenghas and soft color palettes. This couture week, Tahliani turned feminine into fairtytale to make for a light and airy series of blush-toned pieces.

A note to take for all fashionistas, sticking to blush tones allows you to build on accessories or in the case of couture week, the jewels. On the left, we see a draped off the shoulder neck lengha and on the right, a gorgeous A-line fit with an adorned dupatta.

Anita Dongre: Opulence and Elegance

Designer Anita Dongre channeled her childhood memories of Rajasthan to conceptualize a very organic yet bold bridal collection. The fresh oranges, yellow golds and traditional fits give the overall collection a regal, opulent and elegant overall look.

A tip for round-the-corner brides, if you purchase   designer formal wear for your wedding, consider opting for the more traditional fits and  altering the look based on more subtle modern elements, as Dongre styles in her couture week collection.

Rohit Bal: Deep Tones and Deeper Details
New Dehli designer and previous IFA Designer of the Year Rohit bal knows how to take dark tones and turn them into a rich, festive ensemble. This couture week, Bal stepped up the deep tones with a Spanish matador inspired collection, complete with capes and rose patterns.

The collection holds a sense of authority and depth over some of the more feminine couture lines, a perfect source of inspiration for a fashionista who isn't afraid to dig deep and take a risk.

Anju Modi: Whimsical Color Palette Layering
A DCXAsra designer favorite, Anju Modi  played up the freshest and most floral organic color combinations during our couture presentation.

ne notable element across all of Anju Modi’s most recent looks, including that of actress and featured model Dia Mirza, is the concept of layering and belting upon the pieces. This is especially important to note if you tend to wear softer or brighter colors, since it adds structure and dimension to your formal ensembles.

Anju Modi and other designers from India’s bustling formalwear scene are soon to hit the DCXAsra shop.

Got a similar designer fit you want to sell? Do it here!

Featured Designer: Anju Modi

Anju Modi is a top Indian designer known for her wedding wear and extravagant costume design. She started her label in 1990 with a strong knowledge in textiles, working closely with craftsmen to deliver traditional and elegant Indian pieces. Most recently revered for her costume work in Sanjay Leela Bensali’s films Ram Leela and Bajirao Mastani, her intricacy and elegance is notable in all of her designs. 

 Anju Modi and Deepika Padukone - anjumodi.com

Anju Modi and Deepika Padukone - anjumodi.com

Formal wear is a year round need whether for weddings, holidays or parties. Modi showcases a range of styles including lehengas, sarees and suits in bridal, formal and luxury pret styles. With impressive variety in her work and collections, she also manages to maintain traditional silhouettes, making for timeless designs. Her clothes have been worn by top Indian celebrities including Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra, Madhuri Dixit, and more! 





If you're a Bollywood buff, you've seen her work on the big screen and red carpets, and soon you'll be able to find Anju Modi's pieces right here on our site. We're excited to announce that we will be carrying pieces from Modi's collections soon, for all of your formal wear needs! 

Wedding Season: Outfit Inspiration for Attendees

Wedding season is gearing up and we have some inspiration to help you suit up for every sort of Desi occasion possible!

Wedding season is on the brink and while many inspiration blogs focus on what brides can wear to these events, we wanted to focus on fashionable attendees! With all the events and parties, it can be challenging for guests to create fabulous, versatile and unique looks.

Below are five outfit ideas that will help you gear up for wedding season in style:


1. The Contemporary Event

For occasions like wedding receptions in large banquet halls during the evening, a contemporary and sleek piece is the way to go. This is one occasion you where the phrase more is more is appropriate.

                                                    Image via    chic_sonia

                                                  Image via chic_sonia

For the perfect reception outfit, try pairing a silky, full A-line lengha (or skirt) with a fitted choli. The perfect example is the above Mani Jassal look, which perfectly mixes modern and traditional, giving a clean, contemporary feel while allowing for layering accessories.


2. The Outdoor Event

With summer weddings, there’s no doubt that a Desi fashionista will attend at least one outdoor dholki or pre-wedding festivity. For occasions like this, mixing and matching a few layered pieces will make for a dynamic and festive outdoor look.


                                                    Image via  Pinterest

                                                   Image via Pinterest

Take, for example, the above cotton embroidered suit with a matching duster coat. The deep color and pattern make a statement while the shape and fabric keep you comfortable. Paired with some metallic flats and bangles, it’s the perfect piece to pull apart for mixing and matching.


3. The Traditional Event

Events that are more traditional in nature, such as matrimony ceremonies and receptions, call for traditional outfits with a twist. Aside from intricate details and, look to find ways to revamp older styles.

  Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

One look we are currently loving is the modern flared sharara revamp paired with a short beaded blouse. It’s perfect for a black tie evening. You can repurpose either of the top or bottom for an eco-chic DIY look as well.


4. The Fusion Event

Fusion events like sangeets and mendhis can be fun but especially challenging to dress for. With Eastern style increasingly becoming adopted in Western fashion, there’s no better time than now to sport a bold fusion sari with some neutral heels.

  Jasmin Walia in a fusion sari

Jasmin Walia in a fusion sari

The above pant-style fusion sari on Jasmin Walia is the perfect example of a perfect East-West mix. To get the same look on a short time frame, wrap a sari you already have over a neutral net crop top or Western blouse.


5. Daytime Event

Daytime looks are the most challenging and critical because you want to look dressed up, but not overdressed. To stay right on target, we suggest going for a simple cigarette pant and mid to long kurta fit with some light to medium beading.

The above Asifa Nabeel suit is the latest piece in the DCXAsra SS17 collection and is the perfect tone and fit to wear to a daytime event.

Shop this piece and more on our website today to find your individualized wedding looks!


Featured Designer: Pink Banoo

One thing is for certain: when it comes to wearing the most chic clothing-- you feel even more chic when you do it for the greater good. This is one of the many reasons why Pink Banoo is such a coveted (and growing) Desi brand here in the US. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and conceived by West Coast fashionista Masuma Mansuri in 2014, Pink Banoo aims to make a difference for girls one fabulous outfit at a time.

Pink Banoo serves as a vehicle for empowering young women all in the name of fashion. Today’s most steadfast and driven Desi women are wearing Pink Banoo and simultaneously supporting the next generation of leaders. Ten percent of net proceeds go to innovative campaigns to support women like the United Nations Foundation Girl Up.


A huge reason to love Pink Banoo is because of what it stands for, but we can’t forget how gorgeous the pieces are. Clients at our recent Chicago pop ups loved the fusion of East and West that seamlessly ties every flowy suit, statement cape, two piece set and more from Pink Banoo’s recent collections. Each piece has a unique fit and flare to it, allowing fashionistas with various tastes to find what they love with no hassle.

We are honored to work with Pink Banoo and hope to continue to share pieces with you at upcoming pop up shops.  For now, keep up with this designer brand and join the cause to empower women by simply being the fashionista that you naturally are!

Guest Q&A With Fashion Blogger Zahra Sandberg

Month after month, one of our constant style inspirations has hands down been Zahra Sandberg of Love Zahra. With Eid on the horizon, we reached out to Zahra to get the scoop on keeping your Ramadan looks fresh, trying something new for Eid and picking eco-chic looks for your wardrobe:

Asra: With so many iftars, dinners and parties, what's one tip you can give to help a Desi fashionista keep their looks fresh?

Zahra: I agree it is tough - especially when you will probably post a few of your outfits on social media, you don't want to be wearing the same thing all the time. Rather than buying a new outfit for each event though, I like to mix and match tops and bottoms, borrow outfits from friends, or buy consigned designer goods, like from DC by Asra!

Asra: What are your top 3 favorite Desi fashion trends right now (casual or formal wear)? 

Zahra: I wish I was as up on desi trends as I used to be before kids! To be honest I don't think you have to follow trends, with Western or Desi style. At any one time long shirts or short shirts, capri pants or shalwars, can all be in style. Anything goes these days so wear whatever you like! That said, I've always loved both the long frock style for formal events, or the medium length shirt with cigarette pants for casual and semi-formal. 

Asra: Can you give us the scoop on your favorite modern Western pieces right now?

Zahra: I love where fashion is right now - Anything off-shoulder, ruffled, or wide-leg is on my list. Also currently obsessing over everything Johanna Ortiz Resort 2018.

                                                                                          Photos via  Vogue.com

                                                                                        Photos via Vogue.com

Asra: What do you think is the must-wear color this Eid? Any tips on styling it?

Zahra: I think white always looks amazing, especially with a great summer tan. For styling, I say bring on ALL the jewels, big earrings, or a large statement choker, for Eid - more bling is better.

Asra: How do you think eco-friendly clothes can play into the wardrobes of Desi fashionistas this season and beyond?

Zahra: I I believe caring about the environment is always something we can improve upon. Buying second hand or supporting slow fashion brands is one easy way to do so. The way I look at it is, even if you do it once in a while it is better than not at all!

Even for the biggest fashionistas, sporting eco-chic Desi wear can turn heads and save you a pretty penny. Whether you want to sell your newest formalwear or are looking for designer Eid and wedding season fits, our upcoming DCXAsra collection has gorgeous individualized look for every taste and style. 

Check back on our website later this week to find the perfect pieces for you! Xoxo, Asra

Pop-Up Shop Recap: Individualized Style

With so much to choose from in our current selection, along with hosting Pink Banoo's current line (@pinkbanoo), clients were looking for and buying a variety of styles.  Pieces purchased varied from long and flowy suits to capes, tulip pants, saris and kurtis. 

Eid, along with other holidays, is generally the time that fashionistas like yourself take note of what's trending, which generally helps guide you in what you may (or may not) want to wear.  Regardless of what is trending out there in South Asian fashion, every individual is unique and has their own style, making all our pieces both fashionable and eco-friendly.  How's that for a win-win?   

Since style is so personal, I feel that our upcoming SS17 release has something for everyone.  We will be launching five unique styles.  Each look is meant to inspire clients and readers to try looks they have not yet added to their wardrobe.  Each look is also meant to be a staple for your closet.  I have always personally believed that having a variety of pieces is essential to any wardrobe, and the SS17 collection is meant to illustrate just that! 

Special thanks to the sisters at Cak3d Makeup and Husna from HCakes :) We partner with local business owners to try to make our events an interactive experience.  The event was a huge hit!

3 Tips For Cleansing Your Desi Wardrobe

Sometimes, all it takes is a good cleanse to recharge your perspective and refresh your wardrobe. With Desi wear, this can be especially challenging given the hours of work and hundreds of dollars that go into our prized formal wear.

In the spirit of Ramadan, we’re breaking down a few things you can do to cleanse your Desi wardrobe in preparation for Eid and wedding season.

  Brand new Firdous Lawn Suit

Brand new Firdous Lawn Suit

Find Classic Pieces

"Learn to invest in the best quality you can afford and wear pieces in different ways." - Michael Kors

Whether we’re talking your trendiest western pieces or your favorite embellished Indian kurtis, it’s important to remember that classic pieces are the ones worth keeping.

More is certainly not more when it comes to cultivating a chic capsule of Desi clothing. For women with designer taste, this is especially key to making sure you maintain a sense of control over your wardrobe and your wallet.

By eliminating the overly trendy pieces and focusing on traditional cuts and styles, you can re-wear and give your looks a twist by simply switching out jewelry, experimenting with makeup and hair, or even glamorizing with a killer pair of heels.


Keep the Most Versatile Picks

Finding versatility when it comes to Desi clothing is no simple task. Take it upon yourself to find all your Desi wear and comb through each and every piece to see how much you can wear it.

Look for the best quality fabric, neutral colors and flattering cuts to determine what you find most versatile. Once this is decided, use your versatile pieces as a basis for mixing and matching newer pieces as seasons come and go. Remember— cleansing is not about elimination, but moderation.


Donate and Sell

If you’re tired of your formal desi wear and ready for a change, make sure you put your pieces in the right hand. Donating clothes, both eastern and western, at this time of year is a great idea and gives you the opportunity to get eco chic while sharing your style with others.

Aside from donation, consignment is a route we highly recommend for designer-loving Desi fashionistas. With DCXAsra, you can list and sell your pieces with ease and ensure that you’ve given your pieces to someone who will appreciate them just as much as you.

We guarantee a seamless shopping experience with fabulous pieces from top Desi designers. Check out our latest pieces on our website or sell your most recent designer finds before Eid!